• 8000 Series Everflex Conv-O-Crimp Hose

    Everflex Conv-O-Crimp 8000 Series hose provides excellent performance, reliability and durability under a wide range of environmental, pressure, temperature and chemical conditions. When compared with large diameter rubber hose, Conv-O-Crimp is dramatically lighter weight, more flexible, and more resistant to heat and chemicals. The tube is fabricated with tape of PTFE and reinforced with 304 stainless steel wire. The result is a product ideally suited for applications in truck and bus, chemical processing, food processing, hydraulics, pharmaceutical, tire manufacturing, steel mills, and many others. In addition to the standard 8000 Series virgin white tube of PTFE, the 8500 Series has an internal conductive static dissipating black liner that provides a path to the hose end fitting for applications where flow induced electrostatic charges can occur.

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