• Masterflex Hose

    Masterflex is manufactured using the same high quality process used to make Annuflex hose, but the number of corrugations per foot is increased to allow for greater flexibility.

  • Annuflex Hose

    Annuflex is the standard of McGill's extensive line of high performance annular corrugated stainless steel hose. Proprietary technology ensures the excellent cycle life of the hose, with minimum effort to flex or bend the hose.

  • Pressureflex HP® Hose - 2
  • Pressureflex HP® Hose

    Pressureflex HP® is Hose Master's high-pressure, annular corrugated metal hose. Pressureflex HP® is made from heavy-wall stainless steel, and offers flexibility and dependability when higher pressures are a factor.

  • ChemKing™ Hose

    ChemKing™ is Hose Master's chemical transfer hose. ChemKing™ offers excellent corrosion resistance to many of the most severe applications found in chemical processing.

  • ChlorSafe™ Hose

    Hose Master's 276 alloy, corrugated chlorine-transfer assembly, designed to meet the demands of this application. With considerations made for both wet and dry chlorine, these assemblies are the safest available. ChlorSafe™ assemblies are manufactured in compliance with the Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6, Appendix A, latest edition.

  • Formaflex Hose

    Formaflex has the "stay-put" characteristics required for stress-free connections between piping systems and rotary joints or other similar static applications.

  • Bronzeflex Hose

    Bronzeflex is a heavy-duty corrugated hose designed for use in applications that require a bronze hose.

  • Extraflex Hose

    Extraflex is Hose Master's T321 spirally-welded, helical corrugated hose specifically designed to achieve extreme flexibility while maintaining good pressure ratings. The helical design facilitates draining and reduces in-line turbulence.

  • Hydraflex Hose

    Hydraflex is Hose Master's T316 double-walled, spirally-welded corrugated metal hose. Specially designed to maintain extreme pressure and flexibility, Hydraflex is self-draining and generates minimal in-line turbulence.

  • Metal Hose Fittings
  • Exotic Metals


    Bronze is known for holding many properties, but the most common of all desirable traits is its ability to withstand wear and corrosion, not to mention having great strength – perfect for marine, industrial & plumbing applications.


    Inconel 625® is a nonmagnetic, nickel-based alloy. Known for its high strength and toughness, high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and excellent fatigue strength, Inconel 625® also offers a very wide working temperature range, from cryogenic to 2,000 ºF (1,093 ºC).

  • Length Considerations