Hose is expensive, especially industrial hose. When our Hosebun® product is used, the hose manufacturer's maximum bending radius is protected, and your expensive hose is kept from kinking. A Hosebun® is a polyurethane saddle designed to suspend hoses. Each model comes complete with its own UV treated polyester sling which is fastened in a choker position. The Hosebun® is designed to accommodate the manufacturers’ minimum bending radius to protect hose from kinking and prolong the life of the hose.
Unit of Measure


Hose Size

N/A 4 in


N/A 11.50 in

Package Weight

N/A 5.00 lb

Sling Height

N/A 8.00 in

Sling Type

N/A D-Ring

Rated Capacity

N/A 800 lb

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A The Hosebun® is, by far, the foremost method to suspend hose in a permanent or temporary, semi-rigid position. How many times have you seen hose being hoisted temporarily, ineffectively, or unsafely? Hosebun® products offer efficient, effective, and safe hose suspension designed for your unique needs. Even wide body slings do not provide the protection your hose requires. The Hosebun® is a one-time purchase; the cradle itself doesn't wear out.

Our Hosebun® is used for cradling hose within various industrial and commercial sites and applications including: the petrochemical industry, oil and gas drilling applications, hi-hose refuelling stations, overland and offshore shipping and transportation settings, military and aircraft refuelling depots, and in the nuclear reactor industry.