Double-ply red wire inserted fiberglass fabric hose mechanically crimped in a continuous process
Unit of Measure



N/A Flex-Lok®

Inside Diameter

N/A 14 in

Approximate Weight

N/A 3.65 lb/ft

Center Line (CL) Bend Radius

N/A 16 in

Compression Ratio

N/A 3:1

Negative Pressure

N/A 0.5 inHg

Working Pressure

N/A 1.5 psi

Temperature Range

N/A -40 to 1200 ºF

Standard Length

N/A 25 ft

Standard Color

N/A Red


N/A Coated Fabric



  • Fabric is locked around a coated steel wire by a metal strip formed into a clip
  • Metal strip acts as a wearstrip and offers outstanding external abrasion resistance
  • Extreme temperature resistance with excellent heat stability
  • Good flexibility & flow characteristics
  • Inserted wire fabric increases tensile strength for a longer life cycle
  • Excellent for reel & drop systems
  • Ideal for applications where extreme temperatures are a factor
  • Standard Max. Inside Diameter = 18", consult sales team for pricing & minimums on larger sizes
  • Negative pressure fan system with ambient air inlet recommended to maximize effectiveness and life of duct


Bridge Clamps

  • Available for our Flexadux®, Flexaust®, Heat-Flex®, Flex-Lok® & Springflex® hoses
  • Stainless steel band & welded stainless steel bridge with stainless steel screw
  • Fits over the helix creating a leak proof seal
  • Available in clockwise & counter-clockwise
  • Available in sizes 2" to 12"

Flexadux TR Cuffed Ends

  • Heat Welded
  • Provides a tight seal & smooth clamping surface
  • Eliminates the need for bridge clamps


  • Available for our Flexadux®, Flex-Tube®, Flexaust®, Heat-Flex®, Flex-Lok®, Bendway® & Springflex® hoses
  • Available in stainless steel & aluminum
  • Designed with a raised lip to prevent hose clamp from slipping off
  • Available in sizes 1.5" to 24"



N/A Technical data based on 2 ft. straight lengths of hose at 72º