As the leading supplier of fluoropolymer tubing in the medical device market, ZEUS is adapted to servicing a wide range of customer needs. We are experienced at working with all of the organizational elements of a medical device manufacturer. To assist these specialized requests we established a medical department within our sales force and staffed it with highly-trained and medical device oriented Technical Account Manager. ZEUS is a true pioneer of high performance plastics in this industry. For the R&D engineer working on a new innovative product we offer quick turnaround, technical support, and free samples for prototyping.
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Additional Information

N/A We work with production engineers to help improve yields and throughput. Regulatory specialists appreciate our quality systems and USP Class VI certified polymers. Purchasing agents appreciate our stocking programs and the level of service and delivery we offer the industry. We offer a true cross functional relationship to our customers. On the materials side, we offer a wide range of fluoropolymers and specialized plastics with a history of success in medical device applications. Many of our extruded, heat shrink, and multilumen tubes have been chosen for their pure, smooth, non-toxic, non-allergenic properties, as well as their compatibility with human tissues and fluids. Most of what we manufacture for the medical device industry is extremely tight toleranced tubing. With our staff of skilled polymer experts and 45+ years of extrusion experience we are experts at customizing the properties of our polymers through process and material modification technologies.