• Weatherhead Rubber Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

    The rapidly changing, highly competitive nature of business today requires that you have the experience of a Weatherhead in your corner, for a vast range of fluid connector products to your needs. From low to high pressure hydraulic hose and hose fittings to meteric tubing and tube fittings, Weatherhead has one of the largest product offerings available.

    We have a large inventory of hydraulic hose products, brass, steel tube and pipe fittings, plastic tubing and tube fittings. Also, we have the largest inventory of Weatherhead in the Northeast.

  • Synflex® Thermoplastic Hose and Fittings

    For decades, Synflex® thermoplastic hose and tubing has been replacing rubber hose or metal tubing designs. Synflex® hose and tubing offers customers a number of benefits, including flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance, lighter weight materials, superior chemical resistance, variety of colors, high pressure capability and extended product performance.

    Hydraulic Hose
    Air, Water and Tubing
    Truck Hose and Tubing
    Weatherhead Fittings

  • Ultra High Pressure Blast 10K+ Hose

    Ultra High Pressure Blast Hose are engineered polymer hoses featuring combination spiral layered steel reinforcement. Each hose family has been carefully developed with bespoke insert and ferrule designs to maintain the highest integrity of both the components and the final assembly.

  • Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel (SS) Hydraulic Adapters

    Hydraulic Adapters are used so any system can operate at higher pressures standards. In addition, all carbon steel offers up to 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance. Common markets include machine building, mining, metals and minerals, mobile machinery and equipment, oil and gas, rail, renewable, and vehicles.

  • Metric and Conversion Adaptors
  • Hydraulic Quick Disconnects Couplings

    Featuring the latest design innovations, our quick disconnect couplings maximize ease of use and system up time in key hydraulic and pneumatic applications and markets such as life sciences, industrial and mobile equipment, nuclear power, oil and gas exploration, agriculture, construction, mining, food and beverage, mobile HVAC, process cooling water supply and more. We stock premium quality quick disconnect couplers in a variety of sizes, body styles, and metals, including flush face and wing nut styles, dust caps, and plugs.

  • Hydraulic Valves (Ball, Check, Etc.)
  • Hydraulic Flanges

    Anchor Fluid Power is a manufacturer of high quality hydraulic connection products such as flanges, split flanges and inline valves.

    These products are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified for better product quality assurance and can be use in the following applications: manufacturing, agriculture, packaging and others.

  • Hydraulic Protection Hose

    Hydraulic hose assemblies rarely operate in controlled, protected environments. Rather, rough and demanding conditions are the norm. Thus, hose is often exposed to flying debris in mobile equipment and the likes of weld spatter and hot metal chips - or even the errant lift truck - in industrial settings.

    Add to that, hoses subjected to continuous movement and machine vibration can rub against each other and adjacent equipment. That can erode hose covers, expose the reinforcement to dirt and moisture, and lead to quick failure.

    Thus, it's essential to protect hydraulic hose against abrasion, physical impact, crushing loads and high temperatures to ensure long, reliable operation. Here are some common ways to safeguard hose.

  • Hydraulic Bending Tubes

    Custom in House Tube Bending allows complete solutions

    • We can fabricate tubes to match obsolete original equipment
    • Make design changes as needed to improve function
    • Work from supplied sample or drawing
    • Quick turn around
    • OEM large batch projects welcomed
  • Custom Fabrication Adapters/Flanges

    McGill Hose & Coupling makes custom connections easy

    • In house welding of adapters not commercially available
    • Incorporate custom tube bend angles to conventional hose fittings
    • Avoid using multiple adapters to make connections

  • Hose and Tube Routing (ZSI)