For decades, Synflex® thermoplastic hose and tubing has been replacing rubber hose or metal tubing designs. Synflex® hose and tubing offers customers a number of benefits, including flexibility, durability, abrasion resistance, lighter weight materials, superior chemical resistance, variety of colors, high pressure capability and extended product performance.

Hydraulic Hose
Air, Water and Tubing
Truck Hose and Tubing
Weatherhead Fittings
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N/A Thermoplastic

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Eaton equipment, Eaton hose fittings, and Eaton hose have been engineered and designed as a complete hose assembly system. Each component of the Synflex® hose assembly system is compatible with other approved Eaton components to which it relates. Component compatibility, along with the use of quality components, insures the production of reliable hose assemblies when properly assembled. Intermixing of fittings and hose not specifically engineered and designed for use with each other and Eaton equipment is not recommended and may result in the production of unsafe or unreliable hose assemblies. This can result in hose assembly leakage, hose separation or other failures which can cause serious bodily injury or property damage from spraying fluids, flying projectiles, or other substances.