Hose Master's 276 alloy, corrugated chlorine-transfer assembly, designed to meet the demands of this application. With considerations made for both wet and dry chlorine, these assemblies are the safest available. ChlorSafe™ assemblies are manufactured in compliance with the Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6, Appendix A, latest edition.
Unit of Measure


Inside Diameter

N/A 1.5 in

Number of Braids

N/A 1 2

Outside Diameter (1 Braid)

N/A 2.16 in

Outside Diameter (2 Braids)

N/A 2.24 in

Minimum Dynamic Bend Radius

N/A 11.0 in

Maximum Working Pressure

N/A 375 psi

Burst Pressure

N/A 1875 psi